About us

Visit the new Amenia Music Hall — the live music and performance space in the heart of the scenic North East corner of the Hudson Valley.

What’s the new Amenia Music Hall all about?  It’s all about the music — the musicians who perform and the people who love live music.  This is a community performing arts space that features the best of  local talent as well as a wide range of talent from the Hudson Valley and beyond.  Since we’re all about showcasing an eclectic mix of live music, we’re not limiting our musical choices to any one style or genre.  The Amenia Music Hall will feature every from singer/songwriters, to classic nd alternative rock to folk, blue grass and country to Latin music, blues, jazz and world music.

We’re out to create a big music scene in the small hamlet of Amenia — and start a new arts and culture renaissance in Amenia.  So tune in and support your town by stepping out and hearing some great live music.

For upcoming performances subscribe to our blog site,  follow us on http://www.facebook.com/AmeniaMusicHall

 To audition or submit a CD for consideration, email Peter Cascone at AmeniaMusicHall@gmail.com

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